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The end of the last millenium was associated with many key events. Computing field saw the emergence of 'Open Source' and 'Linux'. With this came a whole new set of opportunities and challenges.

The opportunity, if utilized properly, has the potential to turn conventional 'Computing Business Models' upside down, and throw up new models.

This is the opportunity that Carizen seeks out.

To be fair, the potential is nowhere close to being achieved. There are many challenges to be overcome, lot of hard work to be done and it will require a dedicated long term player to achieve the potential. Carizen was formed to be exactly that kind of player.

Carizens' vision is to 

  Help clients adopt 'Linux' and 'Open Source' products without having to compromise on perceived disadvantages.

  See a world where 'Open Source' and 'Linux' get their rightful place.

  Build a vibrant, dynamic organization that is profitable and promotes 'Open Source' and 'Linux' based products.

  Help clients improve their efficiency by lowering cost of operations that comes with adoption of 'Open Source' and 'Linux'.


Products developed by Carizen support the company vision, but in specific areas of Computing.

With the increasing popularity of Internet, many companies sought to build a secure Intranet over the public Infrastructure. Rainmail Intranet Server was developed to help organizations deploy a Complete Intranet using 'Linux'. An Intranet is implemented with a combination of 

  Security, and

Rainmail Intranet Server provides them all in a single Integrated package. Starting off as a basic Mail Server and Proxy Server, Rainmail Intranet Server has grown to include 17 different modules, offering the most comprehensive Intranet solution available in market today.

Rainmail Intranet Server will continue to grow to such an extent that in future, all one has to do to start an office is to 

  Get a Leased line, and
  Get Rainmail Intranet Server.

Rainmail Intranet Server will provide a comprehensive Network Infrastructure and will act as your office

  Messaging Station
  Security Post
  Document storage, and much more...

While some of the features mentioned above are available even today, Rainmail Intranet Server will continue to evolve keeping the above vision in mind.