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Carizen (formerly ICSoft) was started in 1998 to provide Linux based Network Infrastructure solutions to Corporates.

One of the pioneers in the area of Linux in India, Carizen recognized the void that needs to be filled to make Linux a viable proposition. Carizen's first product, Rainmail Intranet Server, aimed at filling the void so that Corporate customers can start using Linux.

Rainmail Intranet Server gained acceptance after breaking many myths and overcoming difficult challenges. To realize the potential of Rainmail Intranet Server, Carizen opened branches in many cities and built a comprehensive partner and support network. In fact, Carizen is the only Linux company in India that has multiple support locations!

Rainmail Intranet Server still forms the backbone of sales at Carizen, though many more products have been launched, aimed at different segments of Industry and Government.


Carizen is headquartered in Chennai and has branches in various parts of India including Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi. With a bouquet of 17 products, Carizen has clients all over India from Chennai to Chandipur, Mumbai to Madurai and Delhi to Daman.

Rainmail Intranet Server has caught on the fancy of Indian market as the preferred solution when it comes to implementing a secure, reliable Intranet.

A dedicated management team ensures that best of the breed business processes are employed to keep Carizen competitive in the market. Internet is leveraged to provide a smooth experience to clients and also reduce the cost of operations.

Rainmail Intranet Server has been deployed in a wide variety of market segments and has found acceptance in Manufacturing industries, Government Organizations, PSU's, MNC's and Defence organizations like DRDO/ISRO.

Technically, Carizen strives to maintain Rainmail Intranet Server at the bleeding edge. This ensures that Rainmail Intranet Server clients always get the best of security and features, which helps them maintain their competitiveness.

Development is centralized in Chennai. Branches are equipped to handle Support, Sales and Customization (if required). All offices are connected by a Leased line to Internet and are connected by an Intranet for the following functions:



Expand Network Build a partner network to reach all of South Asia and Asia Pacific.

Maintain Technological Superiority Carizen intends to maintain the technological superiority of all products by constant improvement, based not only on Customer feedback, but also by keeping a watch over technological trends.

Increase Efficiency To leverage IT and Internet and reduce the total cost of operations, thus ensuring maximum value to the customer and a profitable operation.


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