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Founding Member : Mr. Srikrishnan Chitoor.

Mr. Chitoor has a B. Tech from IIT Madras at Chennai and MS from University of Delaware. Mr. Chitoor has experience in 'Software Product Development' with some of the best software firms in the world including SPSS.

A versatile technical Manager, Mr. Chitoor is responsible for day-to-day operations at Carizen. Mr. Chitoor manages Customer Support, Product Development, Key Account Installation and Tactical planning. With keen insight into Business aspects of Technology, Mr. Chitoor contributes to the long term competitiveness of Carizen by leveraging IT and Internet to implement efficient business processes.

Director : Ms. Jayalakshmy Venkataraman

Ms. Jayalakshmy Venkataraman, an alumni of College of Engineering Trivandrum, completed her B.Tech in Computer Science. Before joining Carizen, she has experience working in USA in companies like Ameritech, Genesee Development Group.

Being one of the earliest members of Carizen Family, she takes care of the Day to Day operations at Carizen, seamlessly blending her technical expertise with practical knowledge and experience. A very keen observer and quick learner, her attention to detail helps in automating Carizen processes. Her organising skills, her constant strive at perfecting any task that is being given to her helped her climb the corporate ladder. Her main areas of work are Client interaction, HR Management, Admin/Accounts Maintenance, Government Sector interactions, and Setting/Automating Carizen Processes.